The Horses

I suppose that I should introduce our horses!  They are a big reason why I could not, would not continue to be an obese yoyo!

Willy (the dark one) is an approximate 1998 gelding.  He is of unknown origin, however I had him tested by Texas A&M and his “Ancestral DNA” shows Missouri Fox Trotter, Mountain Pleasure Horse and Quarter Horse markers inherited from  his sire/dam.  He’s my horse and I absolutely love him, in spite of his usual surly demeanor, he’s a trustworthy mount for me.

Rusty (the red dun)…not entirely sure of his age, but looking at his teeth, I know he’s over 20 now.  I’m certain he’s a paintaloosa (Pant/QH/Appy based on his white sclera, striped hooves, multicolored boy parts…and he has appitude…I’m going to have him DNA typed soon) He is my husbands horse and he absolutely loves him.