Honesty with myself, honesty with everyone

pbcctreatLast week I ate too much peanutbutter/creamcheese treats that “Fat Girl Brain” made for her (my) husband ie: my justification for making it was that it was a treat for him, of which I ate no less than 50% of over 4 or 5 days…and even though I attempted to stay within or just over my daily intake, it was a bad thing to do!!! I lied to myself everytime I put it in my mouth! STARTING OVER! This week it was gone/out of the house and not coming back! Started my day with a mug of Protein Coffee. Freshly ground espresso beans, 2 splenda, 2TB real heavy cream (no carbs and I work this into my daily intake) and one scoop of Genepro Medical Grade Protein.

fat_statuteA few weeks back I connected with a gal from town on the town Facebook and we are supposed to be walking 3 days a week…it’s hit and miss with her, so far this week it was all miss. I waited to see if she would get in touch with me to walk today as the last 2 times (monday and wednesday) I’ve asked her she’s either been busy or forgotten or something…but it didn’t happen, so I don’t think she’s really in to it. Kind of bummed was hoping to find someone to do a brisk 3 mile lunch hour walk with 3 days a week…we barely do 2 in an hour :/ … so maybe it’s for the better if that phases itself out…anyhow it’s been awhile since I blogged, here’s a recap of this week of staying on track.

Weeks recap:

I did OK on Monday (06/19). I did eat my exercise calories. If everyday were like yesterday I would stay within my preferred weight range between 126 and 129.9.

sandee_and_meTuesday was a pretty active day (06/20). I went on a 3.3 mile hike through the woods on varying terrain and elevation with a friend. My intake limit was increased by MFP due to the 632 calories burned during the hike. I did eat some of my exercise calories. My carb intake was a little high (net carbs 118) and my protein intake was a little lower than I like it for the day. MFP says if every day were lik yesterday I’d weigh 125.7 in 5 weeks, which is actually a little under the range I want to stay in. I started today with a mug of Protein Coffee (genepro, cream and coffee) and for breakfast I made 2 eggs scrambled with a quarter cup of cottage cheese. I couldn’t finish it, but my little dog Spike was happy to help with that ūüôā We’re at the top of mid-week aka Hump Day, how’s everyone doing this week?

Wednesday (06/21) was as or more active than the day before… 2.8ish mile hike in the woods on varying terrain with elevation increase/decrease with my husband and I spent muddy_merrells45 minutes to an hour doing farm chores/shoveling, scrubbing troughs, etc. MapMyFitness says I burned over 800 calories from exercise. I stayed within range for my protein and carb intake and did eat most of the exercise calories…a normal person probably wouldn’t feel guilty about this, but I did/do…somewhat. Then I had an epiphany this morning that maybe the weight fluxuation I had is actually muscle gain…I’ve never experienced that before LOL. My hiking pants fit better than they did a week ago but the scale has not budged in either direction. I have no idea how tell for sure so I just ordered one of those hand held fat loss/bmi/muscle measuring devices like what they use at the Gym/Curves type places…so I guess I’ll find out when it gets here if I’ve actually put on measurable muscle…?

Thursday (06/22) …I went and got a massage. Was a good day!

Today/Friday 06/23 Today I did some work errand/banking, and grocery shopping.

This weekend I’m going to a play in Seattle with my sister on Saturday and heading up the mountain on Sunday with my husband to go hiking.

Fun Season May Finally Be Here!

It was a long cold wet snowy sloppy winter…but we’re finally back in the saddle for some fun in the sun!

Being able to get on my horse with no step, no counter balance, no help from the ground one of the reasons I had WLS.



We’ve also started going on hikes again, and I’m walking with a gal from town 3 days a week!


What do you love doing that losing weight has made easier/better?

It’s a sad day for the sounds of Seattle

Chris Cornell has died.¬† I don’t have many words other than there will always be memories of my youth tied to the sound of his voice.

Being a native of Washington and a short drive from Seattle, I spent a bit of time at “shows” during my late teen/very early 20 and will never forget the first time I saw Soundgarden at Lake City Concert Hall…probably summer of 1990 (maybe 1989, it’s a bit blurry lol) His voice…omg.

RIP Chris Cornell



Confessions of My Inner Fat Girl

(alternate title, I’m human, not perfect and will occassionally I screw up too)

I guess you could say I gave in to my inner fat girl this weekend…or really mostly yesterday.

Saturday night I did have about 2 cups of homemade popcorn with butter…not sure if that little snack pulled the trigger or what.

Yesterday my husband and I were out visiting several boutiques and antique stores (so we actually did a lot of walking) but then we, and I mean we, not just he decided to have pizza…real pizza with crust. So between lunch time and bedtime I ate 4 slices of the pizza…3 of them I ate most of the crust, 1 I did not eat the crust. I know it’s not a total derailment, but I feel guilty.

I know that pizza with crust is not right for my sleeved life. But I did it. It’s done. Today I’m leaving that guilt behind me and getting right back on high protein low carb. Protein coffee for breakfast, and I’m going to do shakes only until dinner and then I’ll have my usual 2 oz steak and a salad! I’ll wait until my system is clear of this weekend debauchery before I do a weigh in.

I felt very self deprecating for a little bit. It was like after all that I’ve gone through since starting this journey late 2014 to now went right in the crapper… of course it hasn’t as long as I don’t keep going down that path of ‘Pizza de Resistance’! Going to put my big girl pants on and get over it right now!

It’s not easy being sleeved in a world full of people who can’t relate. The first confession always has to be to ourselves. No excuses, moving forward on track!




I do this instead of that!

I do this instead of that! Instead of Tortilla or Taco shells my husband and I use Romaine lettuce…he’s never been happier too, since he can have an extra Taco or two just by eliminating that high carb/calorie tortilla! What do you do “instead of” since having had Bariatric Surgery or if you’ve not had Bariatric Surgery just because you are trying to eat cleaner/healthier food? Ready, go!


Keeping “fatbrain” satisfied one meal at a time!

Some days I feel mentally ravenous. Other days not so much. ¬†On the days when “fatbrain” has me reeling with head hunger and I begin to long for the days of cookies past I have to do something about it…to keep myself from going off the wagon, or down the hill to a bakery!

Initially after I had my surgery I literally survived on Quest Bars… first 1/4 of a bar at a time, then half, then a whole bar…and then I’d had so many Quest Bars that I couldn’t do it anymore and I stopped having Quest Bars. ¬†I hadn’t really had cravings or head hunger until winter hit hard and we were indoors and bored this 2016/2017 winter.

I began experimenting with coconut flour banana peanut butter muffins and other low net carb “goodies” that would satisfy my “fatbrain” head hunger. ¬†Those too got old and fairly quickly. ¬†While they have good fiber they still have too many carbs to be partaken of on a regular basis.

I also was tired of the same old protein day after day…I’d started out with Premier but after 9 months was tired of it so put that on the back shelf until recently when I found that I was finally able to order the Caramel and Banana flavors on Costco.com. ¬†So the old became the new again. ¬†And get this, Costco has a very Quest Bar like protein bar that comes in “cookie dough” and “brownie” flavor.

Color me happy! ¬†One of the protein packed bars cut into 4 and either nuked on reduced power for about 35 seconds or baked in the oven at 350 for 3 minutes per side is a warm, yummy very cookie like treat for “fatbrain” and gives my head hunger the satisfaction that it needs and keeps me from going off the deep end and driving to said nearest bakery!

(to bake in the oven I nuke the bar for a few seconds to soften it, make 4  balls and press them flat on parchment on a cookie sheet. Bake for 3 minutes, turn over and bake for 3 more minutes.  YUMMY!)