My Story

Where do I start…I guess from the point that I realized that I couldn’t do the kind of trail riding (or many other activities) that I wanted to do unless I did something about my weight, health and overall fitness.

I’ve battled my weight for my entire adult life (I’m a 1970 model…so a long time). Several years ago I got on the scale and found that I weighed 305lbs.  I am a 5’4″ tall, small boned, sedentary desk job, at that time pushing 40 woman…that just wasn’t working! I got under 300 quickly with a disgusting dieters tea.  (This was my second rodeo with 100+ to lose as an adult, did it the first time in my 20’s)

Gastric SleeveI took the incentive to turn it around, and lose weight, and be more active, and get healthier, for myself, for my horse.

I managed to get down to under 150lbs over the course of a few years of perseverance…Life and riding after substantial weight loss was GREAT!

Fast forward a few more years, and a number of life changes and there you had me where I was in 2015.  I failed to maintain it…I had stopped doing what I did to get to where I got, which was a much healthier riding weight!  I had gained back between 80 and 90lbs…it was time to fix it!

After more than 25+ years of yoyo weight gain, weight loss, weight gain…you get the picture, I opted to have a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.  Beginning with my initial visit to a weight loss seminar at St. Francis in January 2015, I went through a lengthy process of nutritionist visits, physical therapy, lab tests, surgeon visits etc.  I had my procedure on November 5th, 2015. No regrets!

This blog will be where I chronicle my experience, pre and post op, if not for my own entertainment and sanity, perhaps it can be of entertainment or help to someone else.


  1. The same reason I’ve done the sleeve.. I was no longer comfortable on my horse and plain old too big for my mare who is more finely boned. Hope you have great success!!!

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