Is this what it’s like to be “normal”?

I honestly can’t recall a time in my life before now that I wasn’t obsessed with weighing myself…I haven’t weight myself in days…and days…and I’m considering that I may or may not do it tomorrow, just to “check in”.

My size 6 jeans and cargo pants are very comfortable and have been for awhile.  I haven’t experienced the “in my former life as a yo yo – tightening of the pants” as I slowly, or quickly regain every pound or more that I had lost.

I am still maintaining!  It’s seriously been 7 or 8 months of just being a size 6… it’s so weird…and so wonderful!

I confess, haven’t been paying as close attention to my food tracking over the past month or so as I was, even though I still do log into MFP every day and get some stuff tracked.  I want to get back to stricter tracking before fall hits, because despite my last several months of maintenance, as I go into year 3 post op, which happens to begin in the fall…with the weather change and outdoor activities less and less, that is when I fear I may fail myself with food creep or regain.

So for my immediate goals, I may or may  not weigh myself tomorrow. I will get back to stricter daily tracking in MFP, and start to figure out a plan to avoid food creep and regain over fall and winter months.

Size 6 White Capris #happypants

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