I can’t condone self sabbotage


I just had one of those “internet moments” …a gal who I do not know started following me on instagram…when she started following me I started following her. She was “pre-sleeve” at the time. I noticed in her instagramming that she was trying out a lot of post WLS products…ok great. She’s now about 3 weeks post op and is already eating ground meat with cheese…link sausages…other solid foods that from what I know from my own experience, visits with nutritionists, online bariatric support groups and surgeon advice etc ARE NOT APPROPRIATE for this early on post surgery..seriously…and she indicates that her nutritionist knows what she’s eating… (I highly doubt her nutritionist would give the OK for breaded fish sticks at any time post WLS) She also is drinking chocolate milk under the guise that it’s got protein in it, which is loaded with sugar…at 3 weeks out.

I’m ranting here, because I just don’t get it…it’s like self sabbotage right out of the gate! I had to unfollow her and remove her from my followers, I just can’t watch someone do that to themselves on a daily basis, especially when they really have to know that it’s wrong!



  1. I’ve seen this so often. It bothers me less when veterans do it, but when newbies go out and make all these excuses, then have the gall to ask me for advice &/or whine about results or lack thereof…ugh. I’m not perfect and I’ve struggled with my own issues but I’m 4 years post-op and understand how it works. How can you possibly think you know what’s happened to your body after 3 weeks?! Definitely a trigger… LOL

    • Right, as a “veteran” I know that when I eat Ice Cream it’s not on the bariatric patient approved list, but I’ve also learned that I’m human, and as long as I am “good” 99% of the time my pants are still going to fit on weigh in day LOL

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