I haven’t been blogging…

…I’ve been hiking… and riding, when I’m not working, and having a pretty good summer in general.

Weight is maintaining inside my “happy window” of 126 to 129.9 for the most part.  I have had days where I’m slightly under and slightly over… I guess being female, human etc I’m prone to fluxuation no matter what.

We’ve been going on some pretty intense hikes (for two people who’ve never hiked before this summer). These hikes are “ball busters” lol, over hill, over dale…through the terrain of Mt. Rainier National Park, and closer to home in Pack Forest. These hikes burn off thousands of calories over a period of a few hours and a few miles.  It’s AWESOME!

For this weekend we are planning to haul out to ride at one of our favorite “areas” on JBLM (military installation near us) that allows pass holders to utilize the forested training areas for riding, hiking, hunting (seasonally) etc.  It will be nice to relax and let the horses do the work this weekend!  We make fun of ourselves when we drive out for a hike and they are watching us go, putting words in their mouths “there go the humans again, on a trail ride without us” …you may have to be there for that to be funny lol.

Happy Trails


Me standing at the edge of the trail on the spur to Van Trump Park, Mt. Rainier.



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