Honesty with myself, honesty with everyone

pbcctreatLast week I ate too much peanutbutter/creamcheese treats that “Fat Girl Brain” made for her (my) husband ie: my justification for making it was that it was a treat for him, of which I ate no less than 50% of over 4 or 5 days…and even though I attempted to stay within or just over my daily intake, it was a bad thing to do!!! I lied to myself everytime I put it in my mouth! STARTING OVER! This week it was gone/out of the house and not coming back! Started my day with a mug of Protein Coffee. Freshly ground espresso beans, 2 splenda, 2TB real heavy cream (no carbs and I work this into my daily intake) and one scoop of Genepro Medical Grade Protein.

fat_statuteA few weeks back I connected with a gal from town on the town Facebook and we are supposed to be walking 3 days a week…it’s hit and miss with her, so far this week it was all miss. I waited to see if she would get in touch with me to walk today as the last 2 times (monday and wednesday) I’ve asked her she’s either been busy or forgotten or something…but it didn’t happen, so I don’t think she’s really in to it. Kind of bummed was hoping to find someone to do a brisk 3 mile lunch hour walk with 3 days a week…we barely do 2 in an hour :/ … so maybe it’s for the better if that phases itself out…anyhow it’s been awhile since I blogged, here’s a recap of this week of staying on track.

Weeks recap:

I did OK on Monday (06/19). I did eat my exercise calories. If everyday were like yesterday I would stay within my preferred weight range between 126 and 129.9.

sandee_and_meTuesday was a pretty active day (06/20). I went on a 3.3 mile hike through the woods on varying terrain and elevation with a friend. My intake limit was increased by MFP due to the 632 calories burned during the hike. I did eat some of my exercise calories. My carb intake was a little high (net carbs 118) and my protein intake was a little lower than I like it for the day. MFP says if every day were lik yesterday I’d weigh 125.7 in 5 weeks, which is actually a little under the range I want to stay in. I started today with a mug of Protein Coffee (genepro, cream and coffee) and for breakfast I made 2 eggs scrambled with a quarter cup of cottage cheese. I couldn’t finish it, but my little dog Spike was happy to help with that 🙂 We’re at the top of mid-week aka Hump Day, how’s everyone doing this week?

Wednesday (06/21) was as or more active than the day before… 2.8ish mile hike in the woods on varying terrain with elevation increase/decrease with my husband and I spent muddy_merrells45 minutes to an hour doing farm chores/shoveling, scrubbing troughs, etc. MapMyFitness says I burned over 800 calories from exercise. I stayed within range for my protein and carb intake and did eat most of the exercise calories…a normal person probably wouldn’t feel guilty about this, but I did/do…somewhat. Then I had an epiphany this morning that maybe the weight fluxuation I had is actually muscle gain…I’ve never experienced that before LOL. My hiking pants fit better than they did a week ago but the scale has not budged in either direction. I have no idea how tell for sure so I just ordered one of those hand held fat loss/bmi/muscle measuring devices like what they use at the Gym/Curves type places…so I guess I’ll find out when it gets here if I’ve actually put on measurable muscle…?

Thursday (06/22) …I went and got a massage. Was a good day!

Today/Friday 06/23 Today I did some work errand/banking, and grocery shopping.

This weekend I’m going to a play in Seattle with my sister on Saturday and heading up the mountain on Sunday with my husband to go hiking.


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