Confessions of My Inner Fat Girl

(alternate title, I’m human, not perfect and will occassionally I screw up too)

I guess you could say I gave in to my inner fat girl this weekend…or really mostly yesterday.

Saturday night I did have about 2 cups of homemade popcorn with butter…not sure if that little snack pulled the trigger or what.

Yesterday my husband and I were out visiting several boutiques and antique stores (so we actually did a lot of walking) but then we, and I mean we, not just he decided to have pizza…real pizza with crust. So between lunch time and bedtime I ate 4 slices of the pizza…3 of them I ate most of the crust, 1 I did not eat the crust. I know it’s not a total derailment, but I feel guilty.

I know that pizza with crust is not right for my sleeved life. But I did it. It’s done. Today I’m leaving that guilt behind me and getting right back on high protein low carb. Protein coffee for breakfast, and I’m going to do shakes only until dinner and then I’ll have my usual 2 oz steak and a salad! I’ll wait until my system is clear of this weekend debauchery before I do a weigh in.

I felt very self deprecating for a little bit. It was like after all that I’ve gone through since starting this journey late 2014 to now went right in the crapper… of course it hasn’t as long as I don’t keep going down that path of ‘Pizza de Resistance’! Going to put my big girl pants on and get over it right now!

It’s not easy being sleeved in a world full of people who can’t relate. The first confession always has to be to ourselves. No excuses, moving forward on track!





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