The Easter Glutton Is Coming…Or NOT!

Good morning all! Sitting here having my protein coffee thinking about the upcoming gluttony holiday next weekend otherwise known as Easter. We (my husband and I) don’t typically celebrate food holidays, but it still has me thinking…what can a WLS person enjoy if they are participating in an Easter Celebration with their family. Well…a lot really… Devilled Eggs (no carbs) Turkey or Ham (no carbs) A lovely ambrosia jello salad…if it’s made with sugar free jello and real heavy whipping cream! Fill up on the Devilled Eggs, ham, turkey and be the one to bring the sugar free real cream jello salad, and avoid the starchy carby sides, cakes and candy! Only you can do it! In experimenting I have found I can go high on fat and protein on occasion and still maintain as long as the carbs are low low low. Happy Thursday!


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