Carbs will always matter…

As will Protein, Fat and other nutrients.

If you find yourself “stalled”, “not losing”, “gaining” etc look at your daily nutrient levels. As a bariatric post-op you will have to pay attention every day for the rest of your life if you want to 1) reach your goal and 2) maintain your goal weight.

There’s no such thing as a 6 month stall (for example)…be honest, you simply are not following the WLS rules…admit it to yourself and that’s when you can begin to get back on track!

I am fortunate that thus far I have had very good success with my WLS tool ie “Sleevana”, but I live a life that allows me to be far away from many temptations that others have to deal with on a daily basis. For this I am thankful.

If I had to endure the typical “day at the office” and a commute I may not be having the success that I am…I truly feel for anyone who’s got to deal with the rest of the world on a day to day basis.

That said, I won’t be apathetic or very sympathetic in regard to how I respond to “I just don’t know why I am not losing” …because everyone knows why they stop losing, and why they start gaining.  Not following the Post WLS rules is the main reason.  I choose to respond with facts and information.

I wish anyone who goes through the WLS process the greatest success, but also know that they first have to be honest with themselves, police themselves and be accountable for themselves.  As do I.

That said, a good reminder of “how many carbs do we need” came up in a group today so I’m sharing it here!


< 50g Carbs = Early Bariatric Loss
Where we land after surgery and why we drop so much weight in the first weeks. Eventually, extremely low carb & calories will stall fat loss, destroy muscle and cause massive hair loss unless paired with protein drink fuel.
50g – 85g Carbs = Optimal Fat Burn
The “Bariatric Sweet Spot”, Protein First! Your body can burn through these few Good Carbs for fuel and begin burning stored body fat. Keep protein and nutrient levels up to maximize weight loss.
85g – 125g Carbs = Bariatric Maintenance
Most can remain at goal if they choose Good Carbs and Living Foods and not slide back into processed foods. Be careful though as some will regain at the higher end of this zone.
125g – 300g Carbs = FAT Storage
Carb Source Matters!!! Too many high glycemic, processed and convenience carbs…NOT a good place to be as a bariatric post op, even though it may be below pre-op levels.

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