I have an obsession with pajamas

I have enough pajamas to  wear a pair a day for 2 weeks straight without doing laundry…sometimes I wear 2 pair in a day, depends on how life is going.  I work from home so sometimes, if I don’t have anything else going on and the weather is cold and I feel like being cozy I’ll put on new PJ’s instead of day clothes for the day.

Having now lost 100 plus lbs I have a stuffed drawer full of pajamas that I am now swimming in…and I can no longer pull the drawstring tighter, or roll the waist band, or make other “tightwad” adjustments to keep in making them work…

That said, I am replacing my entire drawer of XL/2X/plus size pajamas with all new size Small pajamas! I feel a little sad for my old pajamas…I really did love them when they fit…I might have a strange sentimental thing going on with my PJ’s LOL.

I’m going to donate my old PJ’s to the goodwill and hope that they find a new home that will enjoy and appreciate their warm snuggly comfort as much as I did.

I am looking forward to my new pajamas, new designs, new fabric, new comfort, that fit properly.

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