Have you ever just…

…Fried Cheese?

Seriously…I never thought of doing this before recently and in part did it because of something I saw on “worst cooks in America” on food network…the person did not know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich and had just put cheese on the grill.

With my forever for the rest of my life attempt to stay lower carb, I have to get creative sometimes to get the satisfaction one might get from a real cookie or a real grilled cheese sandwich, or a real brownie and so on…my metabolic bank account doesn’t have enough funds to cover the higher carb versions so funky food experiments are my thing now!

Well my friends, I will forever more be frying cheese!

It’s as easy as putting shredded cheese in a hot pan and letting it go until you can flip it…and it has a taste and texture that are really satisfying!  I use Kroger 4 cheese Mexican blend. Less than 1 carb per serving as noted on the bag.  I do a double, so less than 2 carb per serving.




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