It’s a Great Day to Get Outside!

My husband has been home since late December recovering from hernia surgery.  It’s been different having him home all day…I work from home, and no matter what I have to get my job done!  The weather since end of December has been mostly frozen, icy and snowy but the past few days it has warmed up, rained buckets and thawed out…today it wasn’t raining so we decided to drive a few miles to a local walking trail for a lunch time walk.  It was a great day for it!

Very recently my husband decided it was time for him to get on board with lower carb/higher protein eating…he has about 30lbs of excess weight that he’d like to lose.

Of course I’m ecstatic that he wants to work on that!  I had 85% of my stomach cut out because I could not maintain my lower weight eating the foods/diet that he likes to eat…so it’s nice that he wants to reality check himself and eat/get a little healthier!

I set him up with his own myfitnesspal account (which I’ll help him with of course) so he can get a baseline for exactly what his normal daily intake is…and then we’ll make adjustments from there.

Team Work here we come!

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