Commit to Click

Commit to click! That’s my thought for this morning.  If you have a phone, it’s probably a smart phone and you probably have the MFP ( myfitnesspal ) app or something similar on that phone.  Commit to click! Click on your app every day, log in, even if that’s all you do…it could lead to more consistent tracking, (one meal at a time if you need to commit slowly…I click when I’m having my morning protein coffee) which leads to more consistent everything as far as meeting weight loss goals go, from my experience anyhow.

If you want to add me on MFP my username is: paradoxcowgirl

I set my food diary to be viewable with a password. Currently I only share that info with my cousin. I have good days and I have bad days. I track EVERYTHING, good bad and ugly…if I’m not honest with myself the whole thing won’t work!

Your food diary is really for you, no one else, as only you can really hold yourself accountable.  Without visibility you can go off in the wrong direction and keep going without really knowing how far off you’ve gotten.  You have to track to know, it’s the easiest way.

I can get very “tracker police” like, I know this…but I only do it because I really care and hope that everyone is on the path to meeting their goals. I want you to succeed and I think tracking increases those chances tenfold.

Meet your goals! Commit to click! Happy YOU Year in 2017!



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