They say “selfies” indicate narcissism…

“Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. The term originated from the Greek mythology, where the young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.”
Look at me, look at me!

…Or maybe some of us have just never really been happier with how we look and feel and are going through a serious photo taking phase…I’m sure it’ll pass, but for now I hope everyone can forgive me for being in “selfie mode”. That said, this year I had more pics taken of me while out riding my horse than ever before, and over the past couple of months have had more pics taken of just me, selfies included than ever before.

Why?  I’m at a place in my life where I’m not hiding from the camera…I’m not standing in the back hiding behind the skinny folk.  That’s why.  I’m not pulling the nearest throw pillow in front of me in hopes it will disguise my mega abundant thighs. I’m not cropping myself at the chest and cutting off my arms to hide them…I’m definitely  not doing the classic “fat girl shot” aka the selfie taken while looking up at the camera as you hold it a foot or more above your face…so the entire pic is just face and cleavage!

I did not take many if any pics at all between surgery in November of 2015 and April of 2016…none that I can find anyhow. I did lose a computer to Microsoft Blue Screen Permanent death…there might be some on it, but I don’t feel like resurrecting it just for that.

When we did start actively riding this year I bought a new trail camera to capture our fun, and I’ve compiled a slideshow that shows several pictures of me going from 174# in April, the first time I’d ridden my horse in well over a year down to 146# in September on our last haul out trail ride before the crap weather and mud slick trails set in for fall/winter.  We did a couple dozen haul out rides this summer. I did not get a pic of me on all of them, but I enjoyed every single ride. It may have been my best summer ever, riding trails with my husband and our horses!

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Since the season changed late September, and we aren’t riding (this is normal in Washington state when you don’t have an indoor arena and the roads are slick and the ground is slop) I’ve also compiled a slideshow of just me from the past couple of months at my currently being maintained weight of 136.  I have gone from a size 22 (Nov. 2015) to a size 6 (Nov/Dec 2016) …and am enjoying wearing pretty things.  Tall Boots (and with standard calf width) …you know we all want to wear tall boots!


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So…if I’m a narcissist because I’ve been taking sefies…so be it. Or maybe I’m just happy and experimenting with my new look and clothes.

Since we’ve not been riding, it was time to transition to winter fun…and we finally got enough snow to go snowshoeing! Between the snowshoe walk the day before my husbands hernia surgery (12/23/16) and a couple days ago (12/27/16) I lost another 3# …not sure if it’s because he’s home…and I’m “taking care of him” in addition to my regular work day (from home) or if snowshoeing is just that badass a calorie burner! Either way I can’t wait to get back out there!

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