Oh Dear Diar…rhea (TMI post)

or oh no (bad choices lead to) diarrhea!

Yesterday my husband had hernia surgery…so being the awesome wife that I am I went to the grocery store and got him some lovely things that he likes to eat to help him recover from his surgery because we all know food is medicine…right? LOL

Long story short, the seasonal goodies were calling to me…shortbread, gingersnaps, ice cream…and I have eaten some of them all in the last 36 or so hours. I don’t typically allow myself a total fall off the wagon day, or in this case going on 2…I eat pretty clean, and definitely not high carb, sugar and fat…whoa as me I am miserable and am learning my lesson as I type this and another wave of gut cramps hits me…

That said, despite the craptastic choices for the past 36 hours, I haven’t gone over my daily calorie goal…I just replaced real food high in protein with crap full of sugar fat and carbs…

I am confessing my sins, and being honest with myself!  The current pain is so not worth it!

I hope the gut pain and all that comes with it passes soon and …tomorrow is going to be a brand new real food, protein filled day!

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