I’ve always loved EggNog…

no-g_bottleNot boozy eggnog, just rich, delicious, sweet custardy EggNog…

We all know that this seasonal treat is chock full of fat and carbs and calories that give meaning to the term “Once on the lips, forever on the hips”… sigh…

So this year I am trying something new.

I saw this recipe on BariatricEating.com and while skeptical for a mere 4 seconds decided to just go for it and make it!

I ended up with a bigger box of pudding so had to modify the recipe to fit that box of pudding…but it happened to all fit into one of my empty diet tea bottles, so it’s all good!


My version of the recipe is FAT FREE and NO SUGAR ADDED.  (You can even add the boozy stuff later if you like 😉 )


my_no-gHere is the Darigold Light EggNog Nutrition  for just 4 ounces for comparison…yeesh


You can see the original recipe by clicking here.

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