Wait…is butter a carb?

No, and neither is bacon, beef, pork, lamb, eggs, hard cheese etc. Avoiding bad carbs and consuming healthy low carb foods doesn’t have to be torturous agony.
buttercarbHere is my 2 cents: Tough Love Regarding carbs.

Knowing the difference between good carbs (we know them as VEGETABLES) and bad carbs (the whites, grains, bread, potato, flour, rice, pasta, milk, refined sugar, anything in a box or bag from the middle of the grocery store…tatertots…) is the difference between being stuck in a Carbivorous downward spiral and will help you achieve a healthy daily routine of feeling satiated and not craving said bad carbs!

How do I avoid bad carbs you ask?  Number one, I just don’t eat them (not on a daily basis anyhow). I track everything I eat. EVERYTHING! If I’m unsure of the carb status of a food I look it up.  I am NOT saying that I never succumb to the lure of a tasty pastry or savory dsih…I’d be lying if I did. I’m saying that tracking everything helps me not lie to myself about how often this is happening and I can prevent it from happening too often…make sense?

Oh, you say you don’t have time for that?  Yeah, I call BS lol.  With your smart phone and the tracking app of your choice, you can track what you eat quite quickly and quite easily.

Most foods if they have a label are scannable! Thousands of foods are in food tracker databases because people like you, and me put them there! Can’t find a food? Add it! You can even add your recipes to MFP for tracking.  So, What’s your excuse for not tracking?

My preferred tracking app is MyFitnessPal and I’m currently on a 256 day tracking streak.  That means I’ve logged in every day for the last 256 days and tracked what I’ve eaten.  Good, bad, ugly!  Every bite.

You don’t have to make your food diary public to the world, it’s for you, so you don’t lie to yourself about what you are consuming.  If your food diary is private and you are lying to yourself by not tracking everything…you probably should see a food therapist/nutritionist, and maybe hit a support group…St. Francis has a free one.

How do I know how many calories in a day I need you ask?  I calculated my BMR using a handy online BMR calculator.  Took 5 minutes. Most online food trackers will do this for you as well.

My BMR indicates I can eat 1560 to 1595 calories per day.  I further break that down by Fat, Carb, Protein at 25% carbs, 35% fat and 40% Protein.  This ratio seems to work well for me.  Consistency in tracking and experimentation will help you find your needed numbers.

I personally do not “eat my exercise calories”.  I don’t do a workout routine and come on let’s be realistic, if housework and farm chores counted as a workout I wouldn’t have yoyo’d up and down the 100lb +/- spiral for decades.

So long story short, avoiding BAD carbs isn’t that hard, you just have to DO IT.

How do you bust a carb craving you ask?  Eat a Frigo Cheesehead…80 calories, no carbs. That didn’t work? Make a mini flourless chocolate cake…recipe is on my blog. That didn’t work? Sometimes the craving busting snack just won’t work…so eat the carb, get it over with, get that satisfaction….and THEN get right back on the low carb horse.  Because if you’re like me that tasty treat is going to make you want more, More, MORE…and you have to fight the urge until low carbing gets you back on track.

How do you avoid bad carbs when the rest of the Fam is gorging on them? Who does the grocery shopping?  YOU? Well there you go, don’t buy that crap and make healthy low carb, high protein meals that your family will enjoy because they taste good, fill them up and don’t have them needing a snack an hour and a half after dinner because they got a gut full of unsatisfying bad carb food!

One day at a time, don’t lie to yourself, track everything, read labels, don’t make excuses, Just do it.

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