Protein Coffee, it’s good for you!


This post is for my friends who have asked me questions about protein. I had a conversation with 2 people just this morning, in addition to the numerous others that have asked me about this in the recent past. There is info on the protein brands I use below.  Short story as well, as to why/how I even care about protein in my coffee.

Long story short, If you have known me for any length of time, you know I’ve had weight issues yo-yo up and down from huge fat to not so huge fat since you met me so many years ago!  I’ve lost 100 plus lbs 3 times in my adult life, the last time being over this past year.  I finally opted to have weight loss surgery a year ago in November 2015 to break my yoyo cycle.  Having WLS is NOT A CURE for obeisity, but it is an effective tool as long as I use it consistently and correctly.

Prior to my WLS (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy) I had to do 6 months of nutrition classes and support groups and learned a whole lot.  Which is why I am so protein obsessed now, because while my WLS is a great and wonderful tool, again, it is not a miracle cure for obesity and does not cure the mental aspect of over consuming.

In order for me to lose weight and maintain a lower weight I track everything on myfitnesspal every day and make sure that I do 80 to 100 grams of protein per day. Under 100 grams of carbs per day.  Lower carb higher protein keeps you feeling satisfied longer and lower carbs keep you from craving more carbs.

I’ve been maintaining for a month now at 136 lbs and plan to be the same this time next year. Only way I will achieve that is the tracking and the protein.

Anyhow making protein coffee is easy but you can F it up quick if the liquid is initially too hot.  I like my coffee at between 155 degrees and 160 degrees for drinking but know I have to mix the protein at 140 or less or it’ll cook and be chunky grossness.

I hope you enjoyed my “first take, unedited, unscripted – how to” video.  Here’s some info about good quality healthy proteins that I use below.

I get the Genepro on Amazon, it’s cheaper there than on their corporate site. It is completely unflavored so you can put it in pretty much anything. Coffee, soup, yogurt, etc. I like it when I don’t want any other flavor but coffee in my coffee. It’s a good one to start with in case you hate flavored lol. With any good protein you’re looking at $30 plus for a months supply.

MaxPro Elite protein comes in a few sizes in multiple flavors. The Eggnog being seasonal is a smaller bag, 2 weeks worth and is $19.99.  I really like it! Shipping is $9, but I can understand why, protein is heavy. You can only get Max Muscle products at a Max Muscle store or on their online store. A good “stack” to do with MM products if you are trying to up your metabolism and lose weight or maintain weight is MaxPro, Cleanse & Lean and CLA.  The shipping is $9 regardless of how much you order.  If you use coupon code MAX10 at checkout it will give you 10% off which pretty much negates the shipping cost if you order a few things.

As far as the Inspire protein goes, I just started trying it out. It was created by a gal who had Bypass years ago. It’s of the 3 the most costly per serving for the amount of protein in it.  Right now I just have the seasonal buttermint flavor which is nice, but pretty strong for every day. I’d go with the Genepro first if you are new to daily protein supplementation (not hit and miss, every day to get 80 to 100g a day)

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