Food Creep…

…it’s a real thing!

Next week will be my one year “surgiversary” for Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

It’s been a fast and fantastic year!  I lost all of my 91lb regain plus a few more lbs.

My BMI is Normal! I’m smaller than the smallest jeans I currently own that I saved from my previous 130lb loss…really need to go jeans shopping…

However! Over the past month, that transition from an active fun summer to a rainy, much less active fall I have noticed that I started “enjoying” more carbohydrate (not good carbs either) laden foods…a piece of toast here, a bit of pasta there…and I could feel a difference (not in a good way) in my physical and mental energy levels…I even bloated up a pound or 2 here and there.

This past Monday I did a 180 and got back to higher protein, lower carb (good carbs) and the bloat is gone, I’m actually down another 1.2lbs from my pre-food-creep fun (sarcasm) that has been the past few weeks.

This was a good wake up call, slap back to reality that this $28,000 procedure (thankful for good insurance through my husbands Union Job) I have had is just a tool and not a cure!

I’m never going to be able to just munch (walk, run, whatever) off into the sunset enjoying whatever everyone else around me might be having.  I will always ALWAYS have to evaluate and choose the higher protein, lower good carb option.

I recently joined a forum on facebook and one of the first posts I read on there was that “Everything In Moderation” is a crock o crap!  I can see now that is true.  This forum is full of people who are years out from having bariatric surgery, some who have been able to maintain with no regain (they stick to the plan) and those who over time got off track and regained a good portion of what they lost after their procedure.

I don’t want to be one of those who yoyo’s back up. That is my worst nightmare!  I’ve done that too many times pre-op.

So, here I am today pledging to myself to stick to the plan!

HW 305 (2007 – lost 130 between 2010 and 2012 – regained 91 between 2012 and 2015)
SW 236 (sleeved 11/05/15)
GW 155 (Post op goal weight reached in August 2016
CW 140


One comment

  1. This is one of my fears. I am in the beginning stages of seeking bariatric surgery, and I’m so scared I’ll get the surgery and lose weight, and then gain it all back because, like you said, it’s not a cure. I’m so glad to be working with a weight loss specialist now who is helping me work on my eating habits now before I have the surgery so that hopefully when I have the surgery I will be in a place where I won’t have food creep.

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