Summer fun has ended…

Now that summer aka trail riding season is over, I’m having to find other things that will keep me active this fall and winter aside from the daily chore of “manure management” (shovel poop, push wheelbarrow of poop .10 of a mile up the hill to the manure disposal area) and feeding animals etc.  Whatever I do I have to keep the 95lbs I’ve lost OFF!

One of the things we like to do in winter is snowshoeing…which in the past was fun, but my weight did limit my ability to do it for “all day”. Last year I went snowshoeing about 6 weeks after my surgery.

This year I’m ready to go, just have to wait for the snow levels to get to the minimum for it…and I’m super excited that I fit in a MEDIUM snow bib…vs the 3X snow bib I wore last year, and that I won’t have to upgrade my snowshoes for the more weight bearing model like I should have done last year! Last years bib and jacket are way too big, so I have them for sale online, my jacket from 2 years ago that was really too small for me when I bought it fits great with room for layering underneath!



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