Obesity is not curable…

That was the title of a recent post on one of the forums I am a member of.  It resonated with me…

I believe it’s true, “obesity” is not curable…there are too may factors that play in to it, it’s not just that we were/are obese, it’s all of the reasons and ways we got there…I think obesity is just as much a mental disorder as it is a physical one… they don’t have the term “comfort food” for no reason. How many of us used food to “cure” other things…boredom, depression, anxiety… or to reward ourselves for accomplishments or just because we felt like celebrating.

I always used to say I have no off switch when it comes to food. My off switch now is my sleeve…after the “honeymoon” period it’ll still be up to me to make sure that switch is in the off position.

I’ve noticed the further out I get (just over 10 months now) the flippier that switch is some days. Will I ever go back to being 100 or more lbs over weight? I sure as hell hope not, and I know that having the sleeve alone isn’t a cure. It’s up to me to be mentally strong and keep that switch in the off position.



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