Loving Riding Again!

I’m not sitting on the porch crying this summer because my ass doesn’t fit in a saddle!

We’ve had several trail rides in the 4000 acre forest across the street from our home this summer, and have hauled out to local trails for the past 2 weekends, and plan on hauling out every weekend until the weather turns to crap, probably mid to late September…early October if we are lucky!

Last weekend I was able to get pictures, but my old trail riding camera died and this weekend I wasn’t…click here for an album with some pics from last weekend.

My husband (yes he has his own horse and we love riding together) snuck a short video while on a nice little trail through the woods yesterday. You’ll hear me “eek” when I realized he was video’ing lol…yeah I”m a nerd. I’m ecstatic that we are able to haul out again for rides at places with nice trails!


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