Never going back…I just can’t.

I’m still fighting to lose the last 1.2lbs to my specific post op goal weight.

I was feeling discouraged…until I decided to pull up a picture from the heaviest I ever was while on a horse* …anyhow, the pic on the left is from 2007, I was no less than 265lbs in this picture, but possibly as high as 285lbs.  The pic on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago while we were trail riding.  I am under 160lbs in this picture.  So that’s the difference 100 plus lbs gone makes.  That last 1.2lb seems almost insignifigant.  I’m still going to fight to lose it and keep it off forever, but I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished.


(*disclaimer: I did not really do any real riding at this weight, got on a few times a year to ride at a walk around the farm for a few minutes…no horses were permanently harmed by my fat ass being on them fortunately.)


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