Slowly getting there…

I’m 5lbs from my post-op goal weight (it’s 155#) this morning. My post-op goal weight is the number that i never want to get higher than again. I know it will take at least 5 weeks to get there, as my loss has slowed significantly, but that’s ok.  I measured a few times since surgery, and have lost 9” around my butt, 8” around my hips and 6” around my waist (I’m 5’4″ and such a pear lol) also 8” around each thigh.  Down from a 42D to a 36D. I no longer seem to have any fat in my hands, or feet (had to start using inserts for plantar faciitis, ouch). I’m going to continue to persevere, track everything in myfitnesspal, have good days, and bad days, and not beat myself up for being human 😀



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