Oh Monday, how I dread thee so!

Monday is the one day per week that I must leave my microcosm mini farm in the foothills and travel to the lowlands to work one day in our Puyallup office location…I don’t mind working in the Puyallup office, I just hate leaving my lovely little house on the prairie office that I have created for myself.

All that said, “eating” on Monday’s is challenging.

I eat several mini meals per day…this requires that I have a variety of items on hand…a kitchen etc…the Puyallup office does not provide me these luxuries. So, I have decided that Monday’s will now officially be a clear and full liquid reset day.

I did it last week and it went well, going to fill up the thermos with chicken broth, put a few protein shakes on an ice block in my lunch pack and hit the road!


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