I remembered recently why I can’t have treats in the house period. (recently had no sugar added fudge pops, and the 3 ingredient pb cookies)…

I’m an addict, pure and simple. If those things are in the house in any quantity over 1 serving, I am going to want to snack on them, until they are gone.

Up until this past couple of weeks I have not had any issues, and did not have trigger items in the house. So while I don’t think I “over caloried” (I stay under 1200 daily), and I know I didn’t undo the last several months of hard work, I am sure I over snacked and made bad choices in the past couple weeks.

reset_buttonSo Monday, May 15th I started a 48 hour sleeve reset!

Mmkay, anyone who says a “reset” or going back to basics for a couple days post WLS doesn’t do anything for you…can kiss my sleeve LOL.

Monday & Tuesday I stuck to clear and full liquids only, and today, half way in to day 3 had 2 ounces of plain pot roast..and I’m freaking full!

I guess that’s how it’ll be from now on. I will have to go back to basics on occasion to remind my brain and stomach of our limitations! Team Work: Brain + Stomach = 11lbs to my goal!

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  1. You are doing great. I’m still twenty pounds out from my goal. I also have to watch for my triggers. No ice cream or potato chips in the house. My biggest challenge is just making myself prepare something. I’m still not good at that!

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