Livin La Vida Low Carb!

OK, so low carb is the way to go! For me anyhow!

I was moving along sluggishly for a little while, not really paying attention to “carbs”.  I’m now paying attention to “carbs” and my loss has sped up.  Not Indy 500 sped up, but instead of 1lb ever 10 days, more like 2lbs a week.  So I’m now 16lbs from my post surgery goal weight of 155.

I never knew how many foods “hide the carbs”.  Milk! Yogurt! Yeah, I know it’s right on the label, but when you have been told all your life, low fat low fat low fat…that’s pretty much what you are looking for.

Not anymore! I’m looking for carbs!  Don’t Trust Whitey! (Bread, pasta, rice, potato) and keeping my protein up up up!  Even higher fat is working with the lower carbs!

I don’t know if I’m in always ketosis, but I should be close!

I usually eat 6 times a day and try to hit a ratio of 20% carb, 40% protein, 40% fat…it seems like a lot, but it only adds up to what I need right now.



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