Another milestone…

…I’m less than 20lbs to my post surgery goal weight. 18lbs to go as of this morning to be specific.  I anticipate reaching my post surgery goal weight in June. (155# is the number).

My post surgery goal weight will put me at a BMI of 26.6.  This is still technically considered overweight…by 1.7 points…but I have to take in to consideration the loose skin on my aging bod is probably in excess of 10lbs…and yeah, I hope to have it all removed/tightened up at some point.

Thigh lift (thighplasty) and arm lift (brachioplasty) are in my future…some day.  I will need to be stabilized in maintenance for a period of months before I even go for a consultation.  It’s not totally for vanity, it’s for how clothes fit on me, and how I fit in chairs, saddles, cars, movie theater seats etc.  I just want to fit physically comfortably in anything and everything I do.

I’m sick and tired of gaping waist bands and tight sleeves no matter what size I am.  I didn’t have 80 to 90% of my stomach removed to have the sagging reminders of my YOYOing weight over the past few decades hanging around forever.  So that’s that.

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