I’ve changed my mind…


Yes, that’s right…I used to say “Cheese is the Devil” …but I was wrong.  The devil is the delicious fat filled carb laden ways you can serve the protein filled low carb Cheese…so, now that I’ve learned a better way, Cheese, for me, is no longer the devil!

Since I started this adventure in Sleevedom, Cheese has really been more of a staple than ever for me…starting with low fat mozzarella string cheese sticks, 80 calories, 6g protein, less than a gram of carbs, noted as 0 (zero) on the label (which I have 2 or 3 times per week). 1 ounce of plain old Tillamook medium cheddar packs 7 grams of protein and such a low trace amount of carbs that the label indicates 0 (zero) and 110 calories!  When you are sleeved a 1oz portion of cheese is a sufficient midmorning snack to keep you going through to lunch!  So, sleeved or not skip the office Donut and reach for the string cheese!

Here’s my first post op side by side. November 2015 / March 2016. 60# lost. (don’t mind my messy background in selfie #2, I was so giddy to have a waist again that I didn’t notice it lol)

Click here to read a good article on cheese.


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