Protein, Protein, Protein!

Seriously above all else, I think protein intake is KEY for weight loss!  I hadn’t seen the scale move for over a week…I was still only getting about 1000 calories a day, and having at least one protein shake a day…after a week and no downward movement I was upset, and thinking omg this is it, I’m going to be stuck 22lbs from my goal, stuck stuck stuck (little temper tantrum there).

I asked for advice on one of the “sleever’s” boards I’m on on facebook, and it brought me back to the reality that I really need to make sure I am getting high enough protein and low enough carbs!

So 3 days ago I started really paying attention again to those 2 things.  Keeping protein over 80g and carbs under 50g. (which has turned out to be actually under 30 one day and under 17 for the last 2 days). IT WORKED!  Finally the scalemoved down again.  Just down 1 pound, but when you are in the homeward stretch, every single last remaining pound over the goal matters!

Low Carb! High Protein! I’m in it to win it!

Bariatric Breakfast Muffins have really helped me out keeping low carb/high protein!

I finally got around to making the Bariatric Breakfast Muffins from a recipe shared on facebook on my lunch break earlier this week…amid running around trying to move the horse trailer so my husband could spray the driveway and filtering enough water through the Brita to make Sun Tea, after having been on a conference call that left my butt entirely numb LOL. Anyhow, I modified the recipe to what i had in stock. The Sausage and Bacon are from the pig we had raised at Prairie Creek Farm last year (half Market Hog, half American Guinea Hog), the eggs were mostly stockpiled from my hen Betty White, but I think a couple of Francine’s eggs were in the mix too…I used all green and they both lay those, only difference being that Francine’s shells on the inside are also green because she’s fancy that way. I used a ton more ingredients (volume anyhow) than the original recipe called for and changed a couple. I punched it all into MFP to get the individual serving calories, which come out to be 330 with 24g protein, 2g carbs and 25g fat (the good fat right? oops I might have gone overboard on the pork products, I’ll cut back on that next time!) and 29g Calcium! I ate one for lunch that day, and for breakfast the last two days.  Very satiating.

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