The fight for 50

Wow it’s been a long, since whenever I last posted an update!  (days or so).  Last update I was so very happy with my 49lb loss, giddy even, I thought for sure 50 down was right around the corner…turns out it was down the hallway, out the side door, up a flight of stairs and hiding in a closet in a dark room!  Weight Loss Surgery is a great tool, but it still requires so much work and effort!  Wouldn’t you know it, the week I decide to join a gym and “move my bod” in the way of working out, I go into a “stall”.  So, for the past 10 days or so, I’ve felt bloated, tired, cranky, and sluggish, and finally finally made it to 50lbs lost this morning.

New goal. Lose 1lb so my next goal is to lose the last 30lbs to my goal.


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