Perseverance and Possibilities!

I think it is entirely possible I will be 50lbs down by this weekend!  Actually I know I will be!  I’ve been quietly persevering these past few weeks…obviously not blogging, but oh well.  I am down 49lbs as of today.

I saw a special joining price/offer at a gym that I have been procrastinating about joining for some time now this past weekend and I went and joined.  Finally sucked it up and did it.

I have an appointment today with a personal trainer to “learn how” to workout…because I really don’t know!  I know you can go in there and use the machines etc alone, but I seriously want to know what routing and steps are going to get me to the goals I have for myself.  Which is to lose another 32lbs minimum, and gain strength in my core and extremeties…something I can honestly say I have never had.

So here’s to keeping on and a better healthier life for the future!


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