Confession of an introverted fat girl

My biggest vice is that I’m super lazy!

I love doing nothing if I can.

Working out makes me angry…I spent so many months of my adult life working out for 1 to 2 hours a day 3 to 5 days a week yoyoing the same 10lbs while trying to lose 100, it kind of pissed me off about the whole “go to the gym” thing.  (reminder: I’ve lost 70 to 100+lbs only to gain it back several times in my adult life between 20 and 45 years of age)

I’d much rather hike in the woods…and since I live in the woods that makes it something to do rather than calling it working out…it’s winter now, snowy, and we (my husband and I) are snowshoeing more often (now that I fit back into snowshoe clothes).

When better weather comes we’ll be hiking into the forest to check on and clean up winter debris from our horse trails…when “riding weather” is here, this year I’ll be back in the saddle…but until then, traditional “workouts” are my arch nemesis lol…I’m lazy!  Shovelling horse manure and doing farm chores are my WOD of choice over a visit to the gym.

I also hate housework…my motto was always don’t make a mess you don’t have to clean a mess…my husband can’t live by that motto LOL.

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