Snowshoeing is so much fun!

My husband and I drove up to Mt. Rainier yesterday and went snowshoeing for the first time in 2 years!  6 and a half weeks ago my “fat snow clothes” would not have fit!  Yesterday they went right on over my base layer with room to move!  I am now down 30# 😀

We’ve decided that we are going back on Christmas for more snowshoeing fun!

Yesterday was also my first outing to a restaurant since the surgery.  (I’d only consumed coffee with 1 scoop of genepro, .25 quest bar and a few drinks of an oh yeah protein before we went). I’m at the “eat normal foods” phase of the post op diet, and the restaurant that we went to has a typical american fare menu of burgers, sandwiches, steaks etc.  I opted to order a grilled cheese (Cheese has protein…which came with a side of fries).  My husband ordered “The Highlander” burger (also side of fries).  The pics below are the minus one bite before and the after of what I was able to consume!  It’s surreal, thinking that several weeks ago that plate would have been bare!

Before (minus one bite)
After (really!)




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