I don’t miss cookies!

I said that! I don’t miss cookies!!!  I haven’t even had a craving.

Wow, that’s nice!  Prior to my sleeving, I was a sneaker of cookies whenever I could (couple times a week).  Any time I had to drive down the hill, a big old Coffee Stand Cookie and a plain latte were my “fuel” of choice…it was like I was addicted or something!

Well, it’s been 5.5 weeks and I’ve been latte stand (cookie and latte) free and have no desire to make that stop at all!  I’ve driven right by it a number of times without so much as a cookie induced tremor.

I’m down 28# as of this morning, and right on track according to statistics.

I’m in the “eat normal foods” phase now and haven’t had anything that made me sick, or hurt so I think I’m doing pretty good with this new sleeved stomach!  Max capacity is anywhere from .25 cup to almost a cup, depending on what it is.  Most things fall in the lower range.

I do get my 80g or more of protein in everyday, and usually the whole 800 calories, but I do still struggle with getting in the plain old water or drinking liquids to 64oz…I’ve never been a big liquid consumer and this is now my struggle!  I’ve gotten the no cal flavored drops for water, we have crystal lite, I have teas etc, it’s just not all that appealing to me to drink all day non-stop.  I guess I’ll just have to set an alarm and get my liquid in that way :/

Happy Monday to All!


  1. You and I had our sleeve surgery the same day. I can’t believe how similar our weight loss and eating experiences are. I have never been good with drinking water, and now it is a daily focus. Also, I worry about stretching my sleeve by drinking and eating at the same time…sometimes I do not wait the recommended half hour. I need to do better with this. Also, I am down about 26 lbs. I weighted 228 on the morning of surgery (november 5th). I’m looking forward to when the scale goes below 200! I got there about three years ago for maybe five minutes. lol. Worked out with a trainer but could not maintain…story of my adult life. Anyway, I see a nutritionist who has us (hubby had sleeve a week after me) sprinkling the Genepro on all our food. We either make our own shakes, or have the Premier Protein from Sam’s Club. I was a 3 cups each morning coffee girl before sleeve…just this week I have started having 1 cup of 1/3 reg and 2/3 decaf with a ton of cream and some stevia. I have a ton of cravings for salty and crunchy…head hunger. Doing it with Steve (hubby) has been great and he has lost 35 since surgery. We are very social and big drinkers…now I can’t even have a sip of wine without my stomach feeling so sour. This makes me sad. I want to enjoy wine again but I guess I will have to wait for a few months to see if my taste for it returns. Anyway, I follow you because we share the same surgery date. I am 51 years old, so I think I have about a decade on you. Hope to hear more about your experience. Omelette looked delicious and I will try that. Annie in Colorado

    • Yes!! I can’t wait for Onderland…I’ve been there before, even stayed there for over a year as an adult…but the yoyo string snapped back on me and it did not last…this tool we have gives me so much hope of staying there! I’m 7lbs away now, and even if it takes me 3 weeks I know I’ll get there 😀 64oz of Water a day…ugh…all we can do is try!

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