1-26 = wow

I spent the past few days in and out of a cold medicine induced coma.  My husband brought home a bug last week and I caught it, was a terrible sore throat, fever, tired, phlegmy experience but thankfully it’s at it’s end stage now and I fee like I can function.

So just a quick 1 month and 2 days post op update. I’m down 26lbs and my clothes are definitely starting to hang (in some cases correctly as they were getting too tight before) off me.

Disclaimer: those stubby toes are not mine!

I’m at that stage of the diet where I can pretty much eat whatever I want comfortably.  I don’t have any cravings for anything that would be considered “bad”.  I’m getting in my protein for sure, but still need to work on getting a little more actual fluid in during the day.  Maybe s/f popsicles can make up the deficit!

I’m heading toward “onederland” and hope to make it there by my 12/29 post op checkup! If I don’t, I won’t be off by far and I know I’ll get there as there is no turning back, no backsliding, and no way to not get there with my sleeve doing it’s job and my brain doing mine LOL.

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