GENEPRO! Seriously!

Let’s face it, most protein shakes are borderline disgusting! (Be honest!) I’ve been completely grossed out by a product that I used prior to my procedure for years…tastes have changed. I did find that the Oh Yeah brand premixed shakes are tasty…but expensive for daily consumption. I’ve been on the hunt for something High Protein No Flavor that I can create my own shakes and beverages with.

Finally found this wonderful no flavor protein powder that packs 30 grams of protein into one (1) yes, you read it right 1 TABLESPOON!

I ordered 2 sample packs which arrived 2 days ago…and I am sold!

The Genepro Unflavored Medical Grade Protein has virtually no taste, no aftertaste, no real smell…if I had to say it smelled like anything it would be milk.

You can put it in hot or cold food or beverage. Having cut way back on coffee from my one cup per day to maybe one cup on the weekend, I’ve been missing the warm morning beverage that gets me settled in to my telecommute work from home day. I also miss Latte’s. I used to get a 12oz single shot no flavor latte whenever I would have to drive down the mountain to the lowlands for an errand…well no more of that.

I can now make my own tasty warm protein filled pseudo latte with the Genepro and Torani sugar free syrup and if I like, a dash of brewed coffee or a teaspoon or two of instant coffee!

My first mug o goodness was made yesterday, measured out 8oz of 1% milk (8g protein) mixed in the 1 tablespoon of unflavored Genepro (30g protein) and microwaved for a minute, stirred and microwaved for another minute then added 1 tablespoon sugar free Torani Salted Caramel syrup and a dash of my husbands leftover brewed coffee. Latte Lover Satisfation Achieved! (I thought I’d bought skim milk, turned out it was 1%, it’ll be skim as soon as that half gallon runs out).


Honestly I’m betting that it would be good cold as well. If I were to make all my protein drinks with genepro and milk I’d be getting a guaranteed 38 grams of protein in an 8oz serving…putting me a lot closer to the daily minimum goal of 80g protein that much faster with less consumption!

I’ll be using the Genepro Unflavored from now on! Β I just ordered a 3lb (90 serving) tub on Amazon!



  1. Dear heavens! That is so expensive…I’d love to use it, but at $284.00 for 90 servings, I’d not be able to feed the rest of my family.

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