Tiny Portions

It’s getting easier to create small portions for myself out of normal everyday foods that we have on hand.  Last night I made a baked seafood pouch (Cod filet, Large Prawns with dill and old bay) and rice for my husband, with a sauce that I made from plain Chobani 0 that included green onion, dill and garlic (used the sauce again today).  I had 2 prawns and about 2 tablespoons of the cod with a couple drops of the sauce, with no rice.

Today I was craving an omelet.  It’s been a few weeks since our hens layed any eggs and we even had some icky store bought eggs for a minute…husband used them all up for his french toast batter (they were seriously gross for eating alone)  anyhow, my little red hen Beyonce has started laying again so I had a fresh egg to work with for my little post sleeve omelet.  It was more than enough, in fact it might have gone a bite or two too far, as I did have a bit of the burps afterward, which have now subsided.  Next time I’ll stop before it gets to the burps.  That aside it was delicious, nutritious and filling, and fresh!


Starting to get the hang of the few ounce, few bite portions!  Tonight I’m making my husband a sourdough cheese burger and tots.  Doesn’t even sound good to me, but I’m craving strawberry chobani with frozen banana and pineapple blitzed in the ninja!


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