I have no stomach for Thanksgiving…

No, really, there’s barely one there at all! 😀

I’ve NEVER been in to the “food holidays” and this year is no different, other than even if I wanted to I couldn’t gorge myself on carbs and sweets and meats and treats.  For THAT I am truly thankful!

I’m down 21# since the surgery on 11/5.  My brain feels like we (my sleeve and I lol) are on the fast track to a New Years in Onederland!  Should I reach Onderland for New Years I want to dig out the snowshoes, snow clothes (which will fit comfortably then), tire chains etc and head 40 miles up the mountain to Paradise to FINALLY play in the snow!

It’s snowing today as I type this and I’m looking forward to the end of my short work week tomorrow afternoon.  Even as a full time telecommuter “work” gets to be draining and a change of pace is always nice.

I hope that the snow gets to stick around for a few days, and that my husband makes it home up the hill before it gets too deep 😀  We’ll enjoy the snow, the quiet, and some sugar free hot chocolate, or my new favorite, Bengal Tea (spicy like Chai) made with skim milk…mmm warm and cozy and 8 grams of protein!

I LOVE snow!  I have since childhood, and right now I’m very happy with life in general, looking out my window at the quiet snow falling in my own personal Paradise.InstagramCapture_c5fe3b92-b24f-4136-b824-4ad0719fe573


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