12 – 18 = everything

I’m 12 days out from day of surgery and down 18lbs. It’s like a miracle lol. I battled with the same yoyo 9lbs from Agust 2014 to December 2014 working my ass off 3 days a week at Curves…yoyo yo yo yo…Then during my supervised nutrition program (most of this year) didn’t have much more success getting away from the yoyo (I did want to maintain a high enough bmi too though). Anyhow, I know it will slow down at some point, but for this moment on this day I’m elated!

The past 12 days have gone by very fast. From the clear liquid stage to the first time I had a satisfying meal of 1/2 serving of blueberry chobani yogurt!  I feel pretty good, other than one vertical incision below my belly button made on a scar from a previous surgery did come undone a little…seriously I warned them about my scars…but that aside everything seems to be going better than well.

I admit that I probably don’t get all the protein and water in per day that I’m supposed to, but seriously I think they give you such a high goal to reach in the hopes that you reach half of it.  I’m getting in about 32oz of clear water per day, plus a couple cups of hot decaf tea, plus popscicles.  I noticed a couple days ago I may have been a little dehydrated so I made adjustments and am now staying hydrated.

Food is interesting.  I can eat about 3 tablespoons of yogurt, cottage cheese, cream of rice…anything pureed.  yesterday my husband made a sauce for lasagna to be made today, and I had 3 tablespoons of that. It was delicious and renewed me!

I know right now weight loss is high and consumption is low but that will all come in to balance at some point and the weight will have been lost and maintenance will begin!  For now I’m going to stay hydrated, eat my mini meals, move, breathe and live happily!

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