Food & Hunger findings thus far

So, I’m 6 days post op today and the last 24 or so hours I know I’ve been feeling what’s called “head hunger“.  I have fantasized about everything from a softly fried over easy egg to pickled cucumber & onion salad…MMM lol.

I was going to call the surgeons office this morning to find out if I move on to phase 2 tomorrow or Friday, and then the phone rang…it was the surgeons office saying oh you can start TODAY!  Phase 2 means something more fulfilling than clear broth, water, sugar free jello & sugar free popsicles…it means PUDDING! (and other full liquid and soft pureed foods)

I excitedly (and very carefully in socked feet on a wood floor) shuffled my way to the kitchen where I had pre-made 2 oz Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding cups made with part milk, part almond milk, and a scoop of Max Whey Isolate Chocolate Fudge protein waiting for me.  (This gives each 2oz cup 5 grams of extra protein!) Oh the glory!

mmm pudding
mmm protein pudding, so chocolatey…love my darling Oneida infant spoon?


The pudding went down easy enough, didn’t come back up at all and 2 oz was very sufficient for a first soft meal after surgery. The taste of choclate in my mouth was lovely…and maybe also a little weird because I’m certainly in a state of ketosis…yay.  I got full.

So after the pudding it was like, ok, what now…that’s it. I’m not hungry. 2oz of pudding and I’m not hungry.  Seriously 8 days ago I could have ate the entire 2 cup box of pudding and then some and then still wanted more…so this not being hungry, and not craving more is a new sensation.

I am also starting to try to get my 60 plus grams of protein in per day…I know this is mostly going to happen by choco protein pudding and protein shakes.  I tried a little Max Whey Isolate Chocolate Fudge protein in almond milk last night actually…got about 1.5oz in and was done. Not sure if it was the consistency or what, but it wasn’t working at the time.  Today I’m having much success with Max Isolate Berry Blitz mixed with plain old cold filtered water!  It’s going down easy! I’m almost up to 8oz/1 scoop which is a decent 20 grams of protein per scoop!  I also mixed up for later 2 more scoops in 16oz of water in my Blender Bottle and put it in the fridge for sipping on to get in not only my protein, but also my liquid for the day! Win Win!

My husband came home early from work and just ate a bowl of microwaved frozen chinese food leftovers.  Who cares…I apparently don’t right now! I plan on having butternut squash soup for dinner!

One more day down!  One week and 1 day to go until my post op follow up appointment…and a weigh in. I hope I get good news 😀


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