I pooped today and other musings

Whew, that’s over with!  I’m not going to lie, the “first poop” was something that had me a little scared…if you have ever had any kind of abdominal surgery you can probably relate.  5 days post op it happened….and it was OK!  I never knew you could poop when you’ve not had a single bit of solid food in several days…but apparently the liver and kidneys will find something in chicken broth, jello, popcicles…and water!  One thing I want to mention that probably  helped my “process” not be as uncomfortable as it was at the post op times of cesarean or tummy tuck past is that I have been using a squatty potty religiously for a few years now.  Not heard of it? Seriously…if you poop, you want this! Check them out!

Before I go, I also wanted to mention something that’s becoming a new pet peeve… “The Losers Bench”… I keep seeing/hearing this term from new sleevers/bypassers on the boards online… “Can’t wait to be on the losers bench”.  Well, sitting on a bench to me sounds like you’re just going to sit on the sideline waiting for this tool you’ve just implemented to “start working”.  Sorry team, but you are going to have to get your fat asses up off the bench and MAKE IT WORK!  I’m not going to be on the losers bench, I’m going to be out in the field, getting dirty, getting sweaty, making this tool worth the time, effort, money and pain it took to get it!  So I say to my fellow losers, get up, get moving, get going…that’s what life is about!

Now please enjoy this somewhat inappropriate video from Squatty Potty




  1. My husband had part of his colon removed a couple years ago, and this was also what we waited for. Thankfully everything went smoothly from there 😉 We also love our squatty potty and the commercial is hilarious. I hope you’re feeling well 🙂

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