The countdown starts…

Standing there alone, the ship is waiting
All systems are go, are you sure?
Control is not convinced
But the computer has the evidence
No need to abort

The countdown starts

So this song is stuck in my head this morning, as I wait by the phone, for my last pre-op phone call (which was supposed to be yesterday but didn’t happen so I freakishly called my surgeons office this morning and got the number to call them and leave voice message to call me back. worried much? duh!)

Anyhow, OMG OMG OMG…less than a week until my VSG procedure! Seriously how many times in your life do you hope a “weekend goes by FAST”?? I am!

I feel like a kid in elementary school around Christmas time with my chain of paper rings, that you pull one off per day until that magic day arrives. Giddy, I am!

Please enjoy this song…I know I will be…for the next 6 days!

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