One week from today!

November 5th, 2015. My arrival time at the hospital is 8:15 am. I will be the 2nd surgery of the day.

I had my final pre-op visit with my surgeon today. I didn’t have many questions, just 2 that I even recall now. What size is the Bougie and did he need to know I have scarring in my belly button from a previous procedure…and of course the most important question “You’ll be there right?” lol…I’m paranoid I’ll get “bumped”.  Chances are actually slim that would happen.

My Bougie will be a 34, but they staple it somewhat loosely for a 36ish result.  My surgeon says he also does a little extra stitching with the staple line to prevent post op twisting. Sounds good to me!

I did some liquid food shopping after my appointment…and I think I’m all set!

Here’s a video all about the Bougie (Boo-Zhee)



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