I’m so excited!

Doing a little bit if a happy dance today!  I’m 99.90% sure that claims that will come in for Dr. visits that happened in October before my surgery date, and will satisfy the last $25 “out of pocket” requirement for 2015 and that at that point EVERYTHING will be covered at 100%  (I actually think I have less than $1 out of pocket, if the EOB on the insurance site that processed 10/20 is right)

I am so fortunate to have good insurance through my husbands union job!  Sure, we pay for it out of every check and quarterly union dues, it’s not free by any means, but it sure is nice to have!!  My mom used to call it “mafia insurance” when I was a kid, as my dad was in the boilermakers union, so we always had good coverage.  So thank you mafia insurance, you have been a big part of my life, from childhood to present. I’m so glad to have you LOL.

2 weeks to go until the big day…1 week until my last nutrition class and pre-op nursing class.

UPATE: As of 10/23 I have reached my out of pocket maximum!

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