I’m going to start blogging…

…no, really I am…

Today is a Rainy Sunday, and my husband and I spent today doing absolutely nothing other than watching our pets play with each other running around the living room, cat torturing small dog, small dog torturing bigger dog…it’s good times!  Now my husband is downstairs watching the Seahawks game and I’m up here where it’s a bit quieter trying not to count the minutes until my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery date. Maybe I should have blogged sooner in the process…I wasn’t actually even sure it would get to this point, there was always that chance that “Insurance” would say “hahaha, no, we don’t think you’ve been fat (morbidly obese) enough long enough, you haven’t suffered, you have no comorbitities…at least none on the approved list, so screw you, you can just keep “TRYING” on your own.”


All I’ve ever done is try on my own. I’ve succeeded and failed at weight loss and maintenance more than any other thing I’ve ever done in my entire life.  I’m so freaking sick of it!  Sick of starving (because when you are dieting you are hungry, do not tell me otherwise) and then when the weight is off having that short period of glory and success…and then because you have been STARVING, giving in to the actual joy of eating and feeling full…and slipping back in to habits that cause you to gain it all back and then some again.

After losing half my bodyweight AGAIN, and then gaining like 80% of it back AGAIN, not being able to ride my horse AGAIN, hike in the woods, or do many other enjoyable things AGAIN, because the weight of my ass causes my knees and back to ache and my sciatica to flare, I decided to check and see if bariatric surgery was covered on our plan.  OMG it is!  What next?  How do I make this happen?

Many months of supervised Nutritionist and Physical Therapy Visits and no major fluxuations in weight along with a verifiable history of severe obesity…that’s how. Oh and you have to pass a psyche eval, and have a buttload of other medical and lab type tests.  Tada, my checklist is done. 1 more presurgery Nutrition  Class and a presurgery nursing class, and one more pre-op visit with the surgeon to go, then November 5th is the day.

The day that I acquire what by some has been described as “a weapon of mass destruction” for acheiving and maintaining weight loss: Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Some might think this is the EASY way to do it…I beg to differ.  I will be having a large portion of my stomache removed. I will not be able to eat food like a normal person eats food for many weeks, if not months on end.  I will never be able to eat like a “normal” person again.  I will have to monitor my vitamin and mineral levels, make sure I stay hydrated, make sure I get a significant amount of daily protein, and nutrients.  I will, for the rest of my life have to think about every single thing I ingest.  Will it have too much sugar and cause dumping syndrome, will it cause pain, will it make me sick…so yeah I do not think this is the easy way to do it!  But I’m doing it anyhow! ❤



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